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Harvest® SmartPrep® System Platelet Concentrate (PC) Process Disposables are used with the Harvest SmartPrep® Multicellular Processing System. This is the system that provides valuable flexibility, with 510(k) clearance to process all three major autologous biologics—platelet-rich plasma (PRP), concentrated bone marrow aspirate (BMA) and concentrated adipose tissue—using a single platform.1,2

Cell Capture Technology

The Harvest process disposable includes a proprietary, self-calibrating floating shelf that is optimized for concentrating platelets. The floating shelf is engineered to generate up to 1.5 million platelets/µL in 10 mL of end product from a 60 mL starting product from a healthy patient with normal baseline platelet count.2,12,13,14

Harvest SmartPrep System

PC procedure packs are used with the Harvest SmartPrep system. The Harvest SmartPrep system includes a microprocessor-controlled centrifuge that provides a reproducible process for generating PRP. No user interaction is required beyond loading and starting the centrifuge.

Harvest SmartPrep System

PC Procedure Packs

The Harvest platelet concentrate system has a range of procedure packs. Click here for a list of Harvest Platelet Concentrate products. 

  • 20 mL procedure pack

  • 30 mL procedure pack

  • 60 mL procedure pack

  • 120 mL procedure pack